perfectly flawed

Before you say she wants attention. Read on.

For years I have hated my teeth and most of my looks. Two days I ago I was messing with my new phone and took a few selfies and my fave pic is the one with me and perfectly flawed teeth. It’s what makes me unique. 3d60478b9136367550be72318081febd

Why didn’t I have this insight and inner confidence years ago? Time to embrace the now. 

What it beauty?  Whatever you choose to find. 


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  1. Love Wabi sabi…. a new philosophy for me to embrace wholeheartedly . Thank you so much xx


  2. Yes, absolutely beautiful, and I’m inspired by your ability to not only NOT fear what is different about you, but to embrace it. You mention Japanese culture in your blog, so you probably already know about this, but your powerful post here reminds me of Japanese wabi-sabi, the philosophy of beauty in the flaws.

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    • NO, I have not heard of it, Eve. looking it up as I type. I first thought you typed wasabi :D…. The longer I turn my back on mainstream media and the celeb world the more beauty I find in almost every single person who is not in a magazine or plastered and doctored to look like someone/anyone else but themselves. Thanks for the affirmation that there is true beauty to b found in our so called flaws x


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