Poetry jo’s three day challenge day 3

Fab last day of zee challenge. I’m kind of glad it’s not too soul searching.

It is the end of a very rewarding day and the challenge fits right in with what I am aiming for. So this is Jodies challenge

Day 3

So we know who you are and your dreams for the future, today I would like you to list 5 things. Five small actions you can do daily or weekly to bring you from the person you are today to the person you hope to be in the future.


  1. Do my Co- facilitating training with Healthy minds

  2. carry on going to regular support meetings to get a feel for how service user led groups are run and how different facilitators ‘guide’ the group if need be

  3. Get ready to engage with the NHS and find out at what point they see us helping people in recovery with an eating disorder and the criteria that the group needs to meet.

  4. be patient and go with the flow. 

  5. Take time out if need be. I am not a machine

So I am ready to go through the process of getting this group up and running for Spring. It can’t be done in a day but it is in progress and that is a lot better than where I was yesterday.  Never thought I would ever be doing this and I am blessed and honoured. 

So just got to keep doing what I am doing and being me.

Thanks for the challenge Jodie -Check her out HERE – have a brilliant 2016 and I am sure we shall be connecting in the blogging world at some point. 

That’s it I’m done for tonight. 


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  1. Jodie Hardy

    Thank you Daisy I have really enjoyed reading your answers and wish you all the best with your group 😊

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