Hi all, 

SAVE THE DATE: 15th January 2016, Friday, 11 am, 

LOCATION: The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre,Halifax


I’m super excited to see the end product of a successful project run by women and for women to help them in recovery. To empower them and reclaim their lives.

Successful projects don’t just happen. A lot of ground work and passion goes into making something work. A  sample from one women.

Behind the mask she likes to stay
She thinks perhaps it’s safer that way.
But in her heart she knows that’s not true
She tries so hard to find a way.
To stand up and speak out,
I have a voice, I have something to say.
Please please let me be free,
to find the peace within me.


The frame work for this project was to reflect on questions  such as: 

“As a woman, as a girl do you feel you have to wear a mask? to your family, to partners, to your children, to ‘society’?And have you done this so long it’s hard to remember who the real ‘you’ is?

Without expounding you with a feminist diatribe. I do want to say that as women we still have so much pressure from society to keep our emotions in check. Do the right thing. Be a mother. There are still so many roles expected from us. Yes, we have come far as a gender.  Yet,certain legal and human rights of women are still frowned upon and seen as taboo in our communities. 

Women who participated in this  project came from different lifestyles, faiths, ages-all  with one wish ‘to be free’ and to be unburdened. 

The ‘Behind the Mask’ workshops were filled with truth, love and courage – and above all, the women’s sense of positive optimism!

This art  exhibition is a celebration of these empowered women’s achievements  using the powerful medium of creativity . The showcase will be led by an initial presentation from Sharon Marsden from Verd de Gris. A few of these inspiring women  will also speak and share their experience on this journey. Without them this project would not be.  

I would like to add that this project has been so successful it has inspired confidence with other organisations in places like Huddersfield, Wakefield and even Liverpool!  The aim is to inform other communities how crucial and therapeutic creativity can  be on a women’s journey to aid them in recovery.

Verd de gris are already in high demand  in 2016 with the success of this project.  They have been asked by the cultural commissioning programme in Wakefield, to speak and do a workshop based on ‘Behind the mask’ at Wakefield’s February 2016’s showcase.

This is a high-profile national initiative funded by Arts Council England and delivered by NCVO in partnership with NPC (New Philanthropy Capital) and nef (New Economics Foundation)


If you with to contact Sharon Marsden  for more information  and to reserve a place , please call, 07598387772

Here is a link with further information I am/am not attending this event

Here is a link for further information about  verd de Gris  click here

I hope to see you there. 








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