Poor but in love……

It’s about time I started talking about my wedding. Getting married on 22.06. Hoping Summer in the U.K. is going to be awesome.

I’m kind of just slightly panicking now. Well, a lot. We have already paid of most of the wedding. Then there is all the extras. 

The theme: New Orleans style with a bit of the 1970’s look  thrown into the mix

colour themes: sunflowers and yellow

The ceremony: not in a church. We re never going to be religious- spirituality comes from within, in my humble opinion.

We are getting married here

We are not really into night do’s so we are having an afternoon ceremony with high vintage tea. 

Here is my dress that I got for an insanely cheap price of Β£450. This is it.! like it? 


 Very emperor and and his new clothes. 

Ha! only kidding! Here is the dress

Excuse the black wall ( now been re-decorated) and the messy room. I feel like a Queen in it. It’s really weird because my partner has seen my dress and I haven’t got a clue what he is wearing!  Not very traditional and we not superstitious. We make our own luck and good fortune, baby. I am that person who walks under ladders and 0pons umbrellas in the house. I broke two mirrors in 2015. 

We have chosen our three songs for the ceremony. My partner doesn’t do the wedding dance which is cool with me. He does have size 13 feet!  Here they are




We want to do personal vows. It scares the crap out of me. I should be cool with it because I am an amazing blogger and writer and all that jazz πŸ˜‰ (slight sarcasm here)

But what do I say to the man I love to the moon and back?  What words can convey just how much I love him?

I have two beautiful brides maids with gorgeous pale lemon dresses. My little sunflower flower girl- my daughter- has got a gorgeous pale lemon  dress a top bodice style  and tulle skirt bit. Not sure that is an adequate description but it is gorgeous. You have to trust me on this one 

The cake needs sorting out. I only want a small cake I dont need a 100 tiers. Although, thinking more seriously about it, I may want 100 tiers because I will be starving after the pre wedding diet.

We don’t need a car because us ladies including my Mom (who is giving me away) and my Nan are staying at the hotel the night before. The bridal suite is paid for. 

We booked a photographer and paid the deposit on that.

What else does a wedding need?

We are a poor couple in love so no honey moon for us. Maybe a stag and hen do.  

Most of the decor on the table will look like this

So we don’t need to go crazy about decorations. 

What else does a wedding need?

Ha ha! guests would help so invitations would be a good idea to sort out

I’ve heard that it is traditional to give out favours to the main people who are part of our special day……. 

Does a piece of cake count? Only joking… I am not that mean, I promise.

What else? mmmmmmmmmmh………

Oh my, of course I need someone to do my make-up. I want that flicked out black eye-liner and nude lips look. Very ’60’s -70’s look. I will be panicking about doing my own make up and will end up with with a face that looks like my signature  when a parcel courier/delivery man needs me to sign on one of electronic things. So, a make up artist is a must. 

The flowers. I want silk bouquets –  I have seen some crazy prices but I have also seen some bargain prices.

We need to get at least 4 hours worth of New Orleans jazz style music. A must on that list will be Ray Charles, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone  and I can’t remember who else…  

Wedding brain fog has started to set in folks,

erm… forget it. I need to find a way to get loads of music for a cheap price and onto my phone. 

My Ma and Nan need a dress so I will need to go shopping with them. Unfortunately, my Dad can’t give me away as he lives in Africa. 

If there are any married people who read this post, what have I forgot?

Oh my, I am getting married.

I am getting married.

I am getting married! 

Bring on the butterflies……..



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  1. You definitely want to throw some Duke Ellington in the mix in my opinion. He’s super romantic and sexy and pretty perfect for weddings. He’s from Harlem not New Orleans but that’s not really the point. πŸ™‚
    Maybe there’s a music service you can use? Pandora or Spotify or whatnot and you just pay (or sign up for a free trial) so there’s no ads?


  2. Your dress is gorgeous and the venue amazing. You seem to have most things under control, my only advise would be “Enjoy every bloody minute” don`t fret about what you haven’t done yet, it will all fall into place. When you and your hubby walk into that venue, as man and wife – STOP – look around you, savour every single face and every detail. It will be something you will remember doing x The day will go past so quickly and you will want to hit the rewind button. Much love and congratulations, have an awesome day x

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