Seven Sins. 

I love this post  by of life she writes . You have to read her post!  I think this is an excellent way to explore the dark side of me. We all have one. I decided I would have a go at testing out my notions of the seven deadly sins.

Very awesome post.


LUST: I’m only human and I have made mistakes. I have cheated  in my life and I have desired and fantasied

SEX:  I need to be more open about my wants and need. I agree with of life she writes -7 deadly sins when she says sex is not a sin. It is two or more people exploring mind and obviously body. It is erotic, tantalising and good for the soul.

GLUTTONY: my biggest devil is cocktails and drugs. I don’t do drugs any more.  I hardly drink but when I do I  hoover it on max. I love food and I have definitely binged a lot, but I have this weird eating disorder that has a will -almost a mind separate to mine and reigns my appetite. It is a kind of gluttony of my soul and thoughts and feelings.

GREED: Yeah I remember going out with this older guy and he was so into me. He bought me anything I wanted. I never slept with him. He had serious addiction issues. He cashed in his pension to fund my champagne, designer clothes and travelling lifestyle. I’m not proud of it but I had a good time. That is probably the worst bit about Greed being a sin – I don’t feel remorse.  Fuck I am only human and a brutally honest one at that.

SLOTH: I liken this to depression. The depressive side of my personality. No getting out of bed, can’t be bothered to answer the phone over eat or get dressed. I know this may sound absurd but I think I would make a great heroin addict. Just zone out all day. Slothing about.

ANGER: again I agree with the author of the original  post. Anger is a normal way of releasing tension. The sin bit of action is when we say horrible things to each other. I’ve had a recent experience of this. I was hurt. retaliated with all the venomous anger I could muster and it turned on me with just as much venom… I felt like shit and degraded.

ENVY: Hate this emotion. It can pull at me. It feels like someone prodding a needle into an open wound. Why can’t I be like that? look like that? have that kind of talent? But I agree with the author of the original post it can be useful as a kind of muse. It can inspire us to reach for our goals.

PRIDE: I am proud when it comes to my finances so yup that can be deadly.  I am always making out like I have loads of money and treat people and shit. I hate asking for help. I get so proud of my achievements. I think that pride becomes deadly when you are so proud and you expect others to as proud of you as you are of yourself.



Of life she writes.

The seven deadly sins are better represented as the ‘seven sins of life’

As I go through the list in my head, I can’t understand how someone could say that they haven’t experienced at least one of these.

Tell me that and I surely won’t believe you.

Today as I spoke to a friend of mine, this topic came up. He was reading a story on the Internet and it just happened to contain this quote:

“This is not for the sake of living, it’s not for the sake of eating. It’s probably a sin. And yet, I will… To protect the things we hold dear, we move forward. But people who do that, will end up committing sins.”

Everything we do is fueled by one thing or another.
Sometimes we must do something bad or in this case, what is considered a “sin”, in order to protect ourselves or…

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