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What personality do you have?

You know I am a fan of quizzes right?  I like to share any interesting ones that I find and don’t bore me into a nebula slumber- although that actually sounds like it would feel quite good.

Anyway, going off-topic. I did this awesome quiz What I like about it is you just need to choose multiple choice pictures. It’s nice and simple, not too psycho -babbly and not completely ridiculous waste of time or the need to find the author of the quiz and send in the true Spanish inquisitors

Here is the link: WHAT KIND OF PERSONALITY DO YOU HAVE?  I did the one on the right btw.

Here are my results:  I AM THE SEEKER

  • Try new experiences
  • a dreamer
  • needs to focus more

In a gentle way you can shake the world -Ghandi

What I need?

  • A creative outlet
  • More structure in my life
  • I need to trust my ideas
  • Find my voice
  • Take on advice


  • The Great Gatsby -F. Scott Fitzgerald. (I do love the Roaring twenties
  • The Yellow World: Trust Your Dreams and They’ll Come Tru- Alberto Espinoza (for inspiration & life wisdom

  • The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity -Julia Cameron – (for self discovery)

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow- Danial Kahneman ( Cognitive pyschology)

  • On the Shortness of Life: Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It -Seneca (Shortness of Life)





Hi all,

I started blogging  in September 2015. I had been putting off doing it for far too long. People won’t get me, my writing will be rubbish. You know how those garbage- can thoughts can infect the mind sooner,rather than later. 

It’s a big day for me. So I am going to pat myself on the back and say ‘well done- keep persevering’

I follow some incredibly diverse blogs but also many blogs about people with mental health issues. This subject is close to my heart and in my head -sometimes they are  loud and sometime  a little  murmur is all I hear.


I don’t want to go on too much but getting 100 word press followers is an epic milestone for me.thank-you-for-one-hundred-followers.png  I read your blogs and am blown  away by your talent and imaginations and your realities and how you put all this into words. I would like to add that none of my friends or family have supported me and that is what makes this achievement so valuable. I can connect with people and I’m good enough. 

So , let’s all raise a glass of whatever your favourite tipple is and cheers to you all. Cheers-GIF.gif


Here is something I don’t do often – praise my man.


  1. He gives me lots of cuddles and I love you’s during the day

  2. He does the washing, dishes and makes the meals in our home

  3. He forgives me when I have been a total bitch

  4. He laughs at things I say and tells me I ought to give myself more credit for being witty

  5. He trusts me  even when I find it hard to trust myself

  6. He likes routine just like me and order. 

  7. he is such a big kid and does the school run with our daughter, come rain,  sunshine, or snow,

  8. He helps anyone and I mean anyone if he can

  9. he  is in love with my soul

  10. everyday he compliments me of my fashion style and how my make up looks

  11. He put up with my cat Tatiana,who I have had since 2008, (four years before we met ) pissing in the lounge for nearly a year. He cried with frustration because he told me he really loves Tatiana but he couldn’t understand why she suddenly started pissing everywhere ( we have worked things out and Tatiana is less jealous of our daughter these days and goes and does her biz in the box)

  12. He won’t have a bad word said about my butt

  13. He is a family man and not a man that goes out drinking with his mates until all hours. He enjoys doing family things

  14. He is patient with my Eating Disorder and doesn’t make me feel like a freak

  15. In the 5 years we have been together he has never let me down not once

  16. He has brought out all the good traits in me – even the ones  I thought I never had

  17. I don’t feel the need to overdose take drugs or drink with him in my life

  18. He will sit with me at the hairdressers and when I get my nails done.

  19. He can be silly just like me and we laugh in hysterics at times – like best friends.

  20. He lets me do what I want to do: start a business (that failed), volunteer a lot of my time to mental health charities, he encourages me to write and respects my need of solitude

  21.  He understands my need to exercise everyday 

  22. He’s rather fit and more than a handful in the bedroom 😉

  23. He is 100% himself. What you see is what you get. He is fit (rather dapper and suave) and doesn’t have a ego. He does have a healthy ego.

  24. He is not the  kind of guy to create drama and go all alpha male if some guy challenges him- that says a lot about his character

  25.  He pushed me to carry on studying and get my BA 

  26. He loved me and accepted me when my daughter was taken away from me and put into care. ( people who know my story will know I have her back fulltime in my life with no social services

  27. He is more intelligent than he lets on but doesn’t patronise me with his knowledge of so many topics – he waits for me to approach certain topics and then I’m blown away by how much he knows on xyz topic

  28. He takes a paper towel and soaks up all the extra water in my vegetables and never cooks with oil. I never needed to ask him. He just did it.

  29.  Sometimes I think about calling him to help me do something and then don’t and all of a sudden he calls me asking me if I called him. That is a bit trippy

  30. He loves jazz

  31. He is as stubborn as me

  32. I have no money and am poor and he still loves me. 

  33. He holds me close when I have panic attacks

  34.  He actually communicates with me.

  35. People say he looks like Jesus – the best thing is we are not religious at all. He could probably get away with murder. He can’t turn water into wine 

I don’t tell him enough how much he means to me but he is a huge part off my world. I can’t wait to be his bride. Happy endings are not perfect like in fairy tales – happy endings are usually a result of a lot if suffering and compromise.  The end may be the end of one book but it is also the start of another ‘once upon a time…..’