The Tree test


I have decided to get on the festive train with all of you bloggers and my gift to you is an ‘All about you’  test .  Keeping in with the Christmas theme, I have found a tree drawing test that reveals to you-magical and wonderful- insights into your personality. It won’t take up all your festive time and may be something fun to do on Christmas, especially if you are hooking up with family and friends who you haven’t seen for some time. Not all families are happy when they are brought together.  This might ease the tension. Merry Christmas everybody.

Tree drawing – what it says about you. 

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Hit the timer- do not take more than three minutes to do the test.  



This symbolise how stable you are. How well-rounded your state of mind is. My trunk is not especially long. The smaller it is the more weak you may feel and vice versa, the longer the trunk the more stronger you feel. If you have shaded it in or put squiggles and lines on it, it can mean you are an anxious person.  The trunk can give insight into any signs of mental illness. I drew two knots of wood on my trunk. I think that they relate to my mental health issues.


Symbolise how you meet your survival needs.  Disconnected limbs could be a sign that you find it hard to reach out for help in difficult situations.  The bigger the branch  the more outspoken you are to meet your needs. The smaller the branches- the more likely you are to bottle up things.  I have twisted knots on my bark which can indicate that I  have a twisted way reaching out for help ( which is rather grim).  The more pointed your branches -the more aggressive you can come across to others. If there is a lack of branches or if you have drawn a circle like shape for the foliage part of your tree; it can reveal that you can be rather cautious in  what do and who you confide in. My tree has no branches and I do tend to be cautious with people. 


 Leaves can show how accomplished and successful you are at reaching out to others.  Lots of details in the leaves  can indicate an  O.C.D.  kink in your nature. If the leaves are not connected to the branches this may indicate that any love needs you receive are not  stable. No leaves can reveal that (if you are a woman) you might feel less able to cultivate. ie. you may feel like you have or you have fertility problems.


 symbolise what keeps you ‘grounded’  and reveals how in touch you are with your surroundings. Larger roots can mean you over analyse your reality as opposed to being idealistic. Decaying roots may be a sign that you feel depressed, alone and empty. I have no roots but a self contained box to hold any roots. Not sure what that means. When I drew my tree I had in mind the need to contain the pine needles. My roots are non existent. Doesn’t sound optimistic at all.

Moving on swiftly…. 🙂


If your tree has other gifts or is adorned with apples as an example. This can reveal how you feel about your achievements and successes. Apples can indicate you have high needs to be cared for by others. An out of season  Christmas tree indicates that  you may want to re visit your child hood fantasies. My tree is in season so I am not to sure what this means. I think it means I am trying to connect to my inner child again.  My childhood Christmases were awesome. So I will  leaves it there. ( dreadful pun).  

The appearance of lots of knot holes can indicate  that you haven’t got a lot of self control.   Well, it is Christmas and time to indulge-don’t feel to bad about it. The more high up the tree the knot holes are, the higher the level that some kind of trauma that you may have experienced in your life still feels close to you and perhaps buried and not dealt with yet. Animals can indicate what is going on in your subconscious. A weeping willow is kind of obvious and can reveal some kind of depression.   

Here is my epic tree- I know I am no drawer. I only had three minutes. 😉

This test has been adapted from Way of the mind. com.


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