Dreams, Tattoos and Britney Spears.

Dreams can be a bit mental. I hate those dreams that you try and remember and then they just evaporate!

Last night my four year old daughter told me she had a bad dream that she had fallen off the planet! I know she is not so well  at the moment but that is a seriously trippy dream.

I remembered a dream I had last night. I’m not being rude but it was a wet one.- (okay, I’m not trying to be rude  but I am trying to show off my sparkling wit)

Not working? well you can’t blame a trier- haha.

It was a wet dream,simply because at some point during the night I must have woken up to drink a sip of water and forgot to close the bottle top and it leaked all  over the bedding!  That sucks!

So back to my  virtuous and literal ‘wet’dream…

 This morning,my hubby gave me the whole ‘raised eyebrow’ look at the mention of a ”wet dream’. What does he know?


I am  getting a tattoo in the new year. Something pretty with a phoenix bird -that arose from the ashes.  I have found the place I’m going to have it done. In my dream I asked my Ma to draw out £30 for the deposit and that I could also  lend her an unspecified amount. I went to pay my deposit at the tattoo place and realised I had loads of money in my purse. I was obviously confused but epically happy.

Then, I found out my Ma had drawn out £260 and gone into my over draft! I kind of freaked out at her. In real life I am a bit anal about touching my overdraft. So,  my dream-self I was no different. She said it was an accident. whatever right?

After paying my deposit, I asked the dude who is going to do my tattoo when we could start  playing around  with my ideas- on paper. In  real life he told me he could draw free hand and in my dream he told me he can only do transfers! I panicked.

Mr hotty tattooist with brown eyes- just one shade lighter than my hubby to be’s- had duped me. He denied he had ever said he could draw free hand. strange for a tattooist.

I found myself alone, in the parlour with another man, older and shorter. I can’t remember much else about this character.

I went over to the glass counter and picked up my receipt and realised it said

‘ this customer is entitled to the £8.99 book/high fashion magazine  offer in grey.’

I was so pissed off that I had only found out about this ‘freebie’ by reading the receipt. I went over to the man demanding my book. He handed over a glossy, expensive magazine  to me- you know, like the ones with about a hundred fashion and perfume ads in it.

As I was leaving the parlour. I opened the magazine and it was an edition all about Britney Spears!

What an insult! Nothing against the girl . Some of her songs are catchy; but to be stereo typed by a pop star like her!

In a tattoo parlour.

Well, it crushed me.  What an insult!

In my dream, I was livid.

So an average dream. Not riveting, I know.  I am more interested in the meaning.

I dreamt of the numbers £260 and £8.99 –  2 +6+0 is 8 funnily enough

8+9+9= 26 – 2+6 =8.

I am onto something here!

The number meanings of eight talks to about cycles of time, and the infinite nature of life. Apparently  dreaming  of the number eight can be a message from our soul that says “all is well, you are always protected, and infinitely cared for by the Universe.” – that is reassuring.

Eight is actually a ‘thumbs up’ from the Universe. It is a sign that everything will work out, and my eternal nature is my  true nature.  YAY!

Another interpretation can be that the number eight is a pun on the word ‘ate’.

I’m going to claim this and blame this on my eating disorder. I have  been a doing loads of research for an new Eating disorder support group I  hope to be co- producing to launch in   Spring 2016 ( fingers crossed).

I have been researching a lot about it lately and it makes sense that something so close to me can cause me to be anxious.

To dream of tattoos means I could be attention seeking! Really? never!  Only as much as your average attention seeker. 😉

It could also mean that I am starting out on a new road in  my journey in life. This is true. The phoenix bird tells me that this dream is about  the future and it is a good symbol.

To dream of someone with brown eyes can mean I have feelings for someone with brown eyes. Well, that is a no brainer…

Finally, I must share the Britney spears dream interpretation.

Yes, there really is one.

Dreaming about Britney Spears is about having a strong belief in making a full comeback to regain all of glories past. It takes renewed ambition and guts to work very hard towards wealth and fame all over again. Friends and family will once again accept you for who you are, providing you with the necessary support to make you great.

It also means that you are a strong supporter of Britney Spears and love her music.


Scarily, I can kind of identify with this interpretation..

Britney spears makes me think of her song ‘Toxic’ 

Let’s focus on the lyrics


The lyrics refer to addictions.. Not far off from my nature!

Isn’t it awesome how the brain makes connections?

P.S. must confirm tattoo dude knows his shit.

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  1. Wow! I never would have guessed there were dream interpretations of Britney Spears! Super random!


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