WRAP ENDS- no full stop just yet;


‘It is a self management recovery system designed to decrease symptoms/stress , increase personal responsibility and improve quality of life. Self management of mental health issues and wellness are an essential component of recovery orientated services’ – Mary Ellen Copeland

WOW! What a day.

I am lying if I say I’m not bummed that WRAP is finished. Three months of learning awesome life skills with a rather diverse bunch of people. all  brought together by little similarities that  only appeared once the surface was scratched and a mask or two had been thrown to the floor.

We had a really short session. I’m very excited about WRAP’a promo video which should be available mid January 2016. It’s been a pleasure and an honour to be a part of it all. I have a  short summing up video of my own. CLICK HERE .The shortest in 12 weeks. I don’t blame anyone for not watching them. I do waffle a lot! Oh and my camera sucks and now it’s broken so I need a new one. YAY!  more money to spend…

Anyway back to WRAP. it has been an awesome journey. I know this is super corny but we got a certificate for completing it. 12 weeks is a commitment and I guess I only realised that when I got up to collect mine. It makes me feel proud. And so I should be- along with my fellow wrappers.

WRAP is about  to get so much bigger next year. So make sure you keep an eye out for updates. I want it to be global. I have ideas and so do other people so -watch this space-

Okay you can stop watching it. I’m such a geeky writer. Anyway..

I’m going to keep in touch with as many of my fellow wrappers as possible. We have already scheduled a date to meet up, so can’t wait to discuss ideas and hopefully collaborate on something for 2016. The only way is forward. I’m also quite prepared to help anyone reading this prepare their very own WRAP. No money. No obligations. Just commitment to yourself to give yourself a special gift.

I thought it would be nice to show what an average wrapper and wrapper co-facilitator looks like. – here we are! Just a bunch of really awesome people!  I won’t say who is who but we are real people!



A lovely touch to end our 12 week group session was to do a small activity. It’s so simple and it made me cry.

We all chose a coloured piece of A4 cardboard and drew a pen around our hand and then put our names on top. Everyone then went around the group writing something for each person.

I got mine back and I was shocked. I’m bringing this up because once again my thoughts have been challenged. I thought the group thought I was bossy and never stopped talking and I don’t know what else. I do know that it was not very positive.

This is what my fellow wrappers did write and it blew me away. All those shitty thoughts crumbled. This was the evidence that I am not rubbish what my thoughts tell me. I can get it wrong.

Creative and passionate- a good mum-who fought for her girl”

” Intelligent, articulate you are enough and enjoy being your perfect self”

“Keep up the good work”

” Top girl with a big hart”

” very nice to know you as a person.You are always giving  good and helpful news”

” Your enthusiasm and wisdom and generous heart has been lovely to see, thank you”

” Lovely person- full of enthusiasm .Nice to know and has come a long way in the group” 

” A caring person. A joy to be with.”

“Daisy, I really admire your strength and courage  to make the positive change in your life. You are inspiring and interesting. Your thirst for knowledge is wondrous.You have so much potential to do anything you want”


So 2016 we are all ready for you. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful gift just before Christmas. I was really upset I couldn’t stay for Christmas lunch but I had to go dashing off to watch my daughter  play an ‘Alien’ in her nativity play. It was so worth it.

I did get to pull a Christmas cracker!

That is it it truly is a wrap.




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