I feel like I’ve been neglecting this part of my writing life. If I’m 100% honest I have fallen a slave to the time shaker that is NaNoWriMo .jennifer-egan-quote-630x473.png

I’m 29120 words in. More than half way with my first draft for my novel. I hate being so competitive, because I end up feeling like I do now exhausted and guilty. I have neglected nearly everything and everyone in my mad quest to get a 50 000 thousand word story down. It is very far from being finished. Even when I get to 50 000 words,ย it may not be finished and it will need lots of re drafting. I’ve been having permanent head aches. I’ve turned into a demon bitch from hell. Snapping at all and everything. I don’t need think I need a haunted hotel to go insane! I do need a ghost writer.ย IF I EVER FINISH THIS NOVEL CAN SOMEONE WRITE AS SONG LIKE THIS BUT ADD COCKTAILS TO IT AND JAZZ IT UP A BITmedium_Writing_Meme

It would be so easy to give in now. Only 8 days to go!

Nope not giving up but I am taking a break from technology for tonight.

THIS IS MY POST.. Can you detect how exhausted of words I am?

I’m not going to say my piece is shit because it might not be and I have this crazy annoying mantra

” I succeed in everything I do”

Who picked that one? Aaaaargh.

P.S. no cocktails lately, especially not ย tonight as I don’t have the strength to bring a glass to my lips.

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  1. I managed just over 50 000 words! RESULT! Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. The whole concept of writing a novel (or even a first draft of a novel) in a month seems a bit…intense! You can do it, but also recognize when you need to take a break. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I signed up for NaNo…that is as far as I was able to go with it…my demons of failure and self worth shot me down. I am also scared for the whole to see me. It’s like I am going to be naked on stage, spotlight…chained to the spot…be proud you are able to go with your heart and words, feel victory…hug yourself…wrap yourself in chocolate…you got this nailed.

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  4. Keep going, Daisy! You’re doing well. The first draft’s not supposed to be anything like finished, so don’t worry about that. Just get it out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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