NaNoWriMo – only 14 000 words!

I can’t believe I’ve written 14 000  words for my first novel, ‘The girl who couldn’t see’-. The title may change. I totally recommend people who procrastinate when it comes to writing to give NaNoWriMo a good go for next year. I’m nowhere near finished and probably won’t be submitting my novel at the end of the month. Of course, I will try and aim for that but I have high expectations of myself.

I’ve discovered that I write whatever comes into my head. There is no planning- I experience everything in my head as I write and then go back and do the edits. I love this way of writing. My characters evolve. I go back and tweak their looks and how they talk and how I describe the settings. People reading this post might think I’m being arrogant. Well, everyone has something they love to do and are good at. It’s my opinion. I suppose I will be less sure of my talents when my book gets scrutinised by an agent. However, I’m not there yet and I write for me.

The next milestone is to hit 25 000 words. I have a lot of ideas that  I want to put in, so, I am cherry-picking at the moment. I don’t know why it’s going so well for me – no WB so far. I do feel drained after writing especially when my protagonist is having a rough time and exploring emotions and trying to achieve some kind of happiness. I feel even more drained when my characters argue.  I know it sounds nuts but I do!  Overall I’m having a ball!.

I wish I still had all the stuff I wrote as a teenager. I lost my way for a bit but it’s all coming back.

So 14 000 words and I didn’t even think I could write one. Not bad at all


Writing is a journey of discovery because until you start, you never know what will happen, and you can be surprised by what you do – expect the unexpected!


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