Write a novel is easy, right?


Okay, it is time to confess my word count as it stands.

A paltry 5500 words. Only 40 500 to go then. I’ve left my protagonist about to enter her first Rave feeling ignored and rejected by her peers. She needs to make big changes. She knows how and her first time on Ecstasy is the catalyst to upcoming experiences of near life and death experiences.

Blurred-a novel by Natasha Bodley draft 1


According to statistics of what I have managed to write so far, my novel should be finished ( not edited and the master copy) by 16/01/2016.

What I have realised this week is it is okay to be a fast writer. The one who gets something down and then can go back to it tweak, edit and turn into a kick-ass novel or piece of 50 000 words of a story of some kind that I can quietly  ‘big myself up’ about.

Where is my silver lining?

I have down 5500 words that I didn’t have at the start of the month – I’m doing the challenge! It could be worse I could have nothing down and not have accepted the challenge.

I’m totally pant-sing it. Anyone else having a blast/ or feel like blasting off their own head ?

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