I, do

I can’t believe it! I have not turned into a Bridezilla like I thought I would. Today was all about my beautiful bridesmaids and my precious flower /birdseed girl. My niece to be and my Goddaughter have chosen exquisite dresses in theme with the pale lemon colour. I also got my wish to get my dresss taken out a half-inch. I can’t believe my dress went up so easily. I have been panicking so much, that I have nearly put my knee out exercising like a freaky deeky meekly EEKey!

Everything is happening so quickly. Life? oh, Life? can I pause for a mojo?

I am starting to worry about the music, the small decorations. favours, makeup, hair, photography and sorting out our vows. I’m thinking of personal vows.I still have no idea what my other half is wearing. He won’t tell me!  Isn’t a bit bizarre that in the U.K.  you can’t have any sort of church music because we are not getting married in a church!? Does that include Amazing grace? I love that song. This being my favourite version

So many songs to choose from…….. Our wedding theme is New Orleans high tea with a subtle 70’s vibe – it’s a sunflower theme. I’m thinking of getting silk bouquets made up. Have you seen them?  Maybe something simple like this………..  and For the men,, perhaps……….

We found this awesome music compilation. I’m not sure how to get it onto an iPod or memory stick. HELP SOMEONE!


I did start to think I had more severe mental health problems. I couldn’t get excited about it.  I started to wonder if I had signed a deal with some demon – I had no emotions about our upcoming wedding.

Finally, I’m getting into the wedding groove… Still can’t believe I am going to be a bride. I vowed never to get married- EVER!

Life has a queer sense of humour. So why not humour it and get in the driving seat?

P.S. I have already ordered my mojito cocktail for the reception.

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