So Graduation dress hunting should be fun, right?




I thought I had found the perfect dress but three weeks later and I’m starting to think the outfit is not special enough and doesn’t suit my physique. Here is  the dilemma; I may be an Anorexic in recovery but I lived my life in wearing clothes that would become bigger and bigger for me and show off only parts like my collar bone or hip bone that I wanted to show. 

I now have a ‘normal BMI’ and my body shape has changed A LOT! 

I look in the mirror and I am unsure of the body I see. I don’t see a completed body but fragments of it. No matter how hard I focus my eyes, squint, do double takes, catch my reflection out. I don’t see a full body but parts of it. This is very frustrating when trying to buy a dress online. I don’t know what suits me.  I am of course going out to celebrate after the ceremony so my dress won’t be hidden by those drab cloaks they make us wear.And so the quest for a dress continues.


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  1. You could go to a store and try on dresses of a similar style…or try to find a really good seamstress and have a fabulous dress made for you. 🙂 (and congrats on graduating!!)

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