Well, what a day. I’ve had so much going around in my head. This morning I wanted to check out other peoples blogs and muse of how cool it is that I can connect with people from all over the globe. It is brilliant and helps me feel connected and understanding and less ignorant of other peoples culture. I then went on a massive Google search about immigration. A  hot topic to debate on in Europe-actually globally) at the moment. I don’t know what my aim was in talking about it but we have a huge crisis going on. I thought it would be easy for me to say I’m on the immigrants’ side or let’s keep them out attitude. It is a fucken complicated situation.

I mean look at Calais in Marseilles and Dover in the U.K. – Every country is pledging money here and there to help genuine refugees and still, a lot of people want to seek asylum in the UK. Why? well, there are a lot of countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan who were former English colonies and understand the English culture and language.  There are immigrants who want a better world for their families -better education, health system, a chance to be a success and these are good things in my opinion because these kind of people are what is going to strengthen the economy.

Most immigrant take on the menial jobs that the English people won’t do. The English get pissed off with the French because they don’t do more to STOP the refugees to claim asylum in Britain. I mean, you must have seen the horrific pictures of people with nothing to lose and the risks they take to reach the place that they believe will offer them safety and a chance to build a life. It is tragic. Why don’t the refugees/ immigrants stay in France? I’ve read reports that even though the benefits system in France is just as good if not better. The former countries ruled under English colonies are wanting somewhere familiar.

The French have a lot of Algerian and Congolese seeking refugee status as they were countries historically under French imperialism. In France, everyone has to carry an identity card and a lot of refugees don’t like this idea of scrutiny and having people ask them for papers. A lot of refugees and immigrants claim they have no paperwork so it is impossible to find out if their asylum claim is genuine or not.  Many go under the radar and live under the black economy. This is a huge problem. I don’t think the solution is to ban all immigrants and those seeking refugee status from entering a country like England. Some people come here under the best intentions to make a better life for themselves and for their families.

Then you get the other type of asylum seeker -who is an opportunist. These type of people will take whatever they can get. The point is there are English people who have that kind of mentality too. What is the solution? Italy and Greece can’t handle any more immigrants and I suppose that’s why they end up  in France. I do think that the English government should have opted for national identity cards as this will give refugees a new identity if that is what they want and the government have some way of tracking people by their DNA and the technology available.

The people in England who rant about illegal immigrants coming and taking their jobs are the same people who don’t want the whole ‘Big brother’ is watching them. A solution needs to be found. Some solutions that have been looked at is shooting down any immigrants who try to enter a country. I don’t think this will make the world a better place. It is a diabolical and inhumane. Cyprus came up with the only humane and rational solution so far. The have a base for immigrants. Check out this link

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought (can you tell?) :Do You know what I really feel ? I feel that the West should wipe out the third world debt. Stop fucking with other countries. Look at Iraq as an example. I would hate to live under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein but the people her ruled  knew they were safe and had a life and most importantly what to expect from life. All the WOMDs is bullshit. Look at what The U.S. and Britain did to the country! Europe needs to share the problem. Germany can take more people as they need to strengthen the workforce and increase their economy.

  Here’s another suggestion. Don’t fix what is not broken or is already broken, especially if it’s not yours to bother about in the first place. It sounds harsh but the West can’t go fixing everyone. Some countries have to figure it out on their own. Look at what is happening in South Africa with the Zimbabweans.  Xenophobia is alive and kicking. Thanks, Mugabe and all the governments who have him as a guest in their countries.

Where does the UK aid go to? mainly organisations such as U.N.  Their number one priority is reducing poverty. I can’t see how this can happen when they can’t even land, in say, the Congo, and have to dump rations form the air for it only to be taken by strung out child warlords. There’s a shit load of red tape that needs shredding (not news I know).  I am against all war and call me a hippy or whatever but we don’t even know who are our true enemies any more.  Here I am ranting and I don’t have a solution. Well. I do.

Get rid of guns and bombs and shit and look after the people in this world. Okay, this is something that Gandhi or St Mother  Theresa would say but that is the only answer. LOVE. TOLERANCE. COMPROMISE.  I too am outraged and want to cry when I see a child’s body washed up on a beach on Turkey and the only thing that the tourists say is how that image. That person who got coughed up by the ocean and dumped dead on the sand is taking the fun out of their holiday. What the fuck?  I wonder if I am living in the wrong world. Truly I do.

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.  I mean I’m doing this awesome 101# Blog course and I’m in day three and the object today is to connect with other people all around the world. That’s fucking fantastic. I get to read other peoples blogs and interact with people thousands of miles away, in countries all over the world, and gain insight and see things from a new perspective. My last words on this subject -STOP trying to clean other peoples toilets and worry about your own shit first. It’s just an opinion but I am always game for listening and understanding other peoples thoughts too. On to a more intimate topic next… in Parenthood

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