My big baby girl has started proper school. She is not even 4 years old yet. I got her whole entourage to come along for support. So there was me and Dad and my Mom and my Nan. Everyone kept telling me not to cry and in my head I was like ‘cry.. why would I?‘  We get to the school gates. Kids are fucking loud ,aren’t they?  My baby girl is softly spoken and rather fragile looking .Although, she can be loud-ish – it is moderated,  but she was even telling me it was too loud. I went into mother must protect her egg mode. I shot a filthy sneer of disapproval to one overly boisterous child. I tried to shield my baby from the bad boy who is not even speaking English. All that comes out his mouth is something like ‘ mow mow mow (as in how) .’  There were so many children. What did I expect, you ask? A turn it down button would be nice. The parents scared the shit out of me. I’m not from Yorkshire but I don’t know if you have ever heard them talk. I do get the feeling that they are going to mug me or beat me up and that is just when they are being friendly.

I did make one Mom -waiting -at- the- school- gate friend.  Achieving my goals.GO ME! My Nan and my Ma were worried that she was going to get bullied. I know the saying ‘kids can be cruel’, remember what happened to Natasha in a previous post about her name? (SAY MY NAME…). Kids can also be so indifferent.  I mean that in a good way.

I did most of my schooling in South Africa. I remember when I was in primary school -about 10 years old. Apartheid was abolished. Nelson Mandela was no more an arsonist or a terrorist but President , The father  of our rainbow nation (If only South Africa had another Madibe) .

Okay to stick to the topic. I was 10 . I went to school one morning and we had assembly and our principle told us that we would have a new boy starting the next day and we were to treat him normally. I and most of the kids I know were intrigued. Who could this  not normal person be ? Straight to the point. He was an African kid. Black. Now, the adults were so worried about him getting bullied and shit. He ended up being the most popular kid in school. Not because he was black but  because he was fucking hilarious. He was the shape of a Buddha and he was so bright ( not just  intellect ) I mean ,it was like he was Apollo’s son. He had such a  personality and the charisma to go with it.

And back to the present. HOME TIME!  Me and Dad went to go ‘save’ our baby girl from the big ,nasty children. Bella bee  came running out of school with a massive grin – she was buzzing and made two friends- I don’t think she  got the names correctly but she was ace. She has made us so proud. My daughter has an old soul. She has an empathy- no – a sympathy that I find hard to find in most  adults I meet. She chatters all the time. She doesn’t copy other kids. Let’s hope she stays that way 😀 She is like a bee or a butterfly and she flits from one person to the next . I don’t know where she gets it from. I am not that social now or ever was. She is not perfect. We are still trying to get her out of nappies but I know one day (soon)she will announce she is going to the toilet and that will be it. It’s how she has reached all her milestones so far. I really need to get my wedding out the way. Never thought I would even be thinking this, but I want more children( not a boy cos they smell- hahaha .) Am I being serious? well maybe just a teeny bit. Girls are great. We have pinkie promises and giggle fits and hair and make up sessions and dressing up and being a pirate and watching erm… Jurassic park and skate boarding D.V.D’s!   Ha!  I’m sure if I have a little smelly boy I may grow to love him.  OUTRAGEOUS!  I’m sure I will be fine and will love him from the moment I know he is cooking inside me. I hope that happens …  Okay it is nearly midnight and I am rambling.

Future Posts about my girl will be mainly about her turning 4 in October 2015.  Oh wait, One last thing before I hit publish. We have  bought her such a cool bike. ( we are not rich in the money sense) but we found her this blue and pink bike,with streamers on the handles and stabilisers and a seat for ‘Mr lion.’ I will get a pictures of Mr Lion. A painful site  to behold but she won’t be parted with him. He is a non walking parasite.  Anyway we have a super cool bike for her and I can’t wait to see her face on her birthday.

I didn’t think I would cry and I didn’t -on the outside but I did on the inside (a little bit) I felt  a bit redundant but she still needed me to carry her home cos she was tired. So, she still needs me maybe  just a teeny tiny bit. I am too knackered  to go on about my ever increasing weight tonight. That was the third issue that I had today but I have no time for it to prey on me. That has got to be a good thing. Good night and be al -riiiiiiight. ( erm clearly I am no poet)



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