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Mindfulness links

Mindfulness has exploded onto the scene in our society on a massive scale. I’ve had professional mindfulness sessions ie. I’m a crackpot and needed to be psychoanalyzed at one point or several points in my life. Some  Professionals claim that mindfulness is for ‘Ever body’.
I don’t know about your views on Mindfulness but, I had an image of trying sitting for 10 minutes ‘watching’ my breath go in and out.
Just ‘notice’ my thoughts (no clinging on) It sounds like too much effort.
I’ve found one solution?
What is important to me is how can this practice benefit me. How can I be sold this concept?  and when can I get results?  Okay. I have this idea that mindfulness is a bit like exercising patience. If you have a child (I do) then you will understand what I mean when I say that I see mindfulness as an ‘evolved form of patience.’
I read a story to my daughter every night and sometimes I try to rush it and I don’t give my daughter my full attention to her in the moment. So,  one night I decided to try and be mindful during storytelling time. We read a classic ‘the Gruffalo’ . I noticed the different font sizes on the page and how I varied my tone of voice in certain parts of the story, I notice my daughter repeating after me, I noticed her eyes twinkling with excitement at the scary parts and hearing her infectious laughter when I put on my great acting voices for the various characters. For those 10 15 minutes, I was in it. The moment.
I didn’t have to sit cross-legged in a dark room being mindful (although a person could do that if they wanted to) . I now have this amazing moment inscribed in my memory box. Yes, of course, there were odd thoughts about doing the dishes and a bunch of other stuff. I decided that if I can’t be mindful all the time. I decided to pick an area in my life and a moment that I was going to be mindful of. All I needed to do was find a way to make it relevant and unique too me and I now have lovely memories of moments with my daughter and our story telling time.
“Making time for formal practice every day is like feeding yourself every day. It is that important.”  Jon Kabat -Zinn – a pioneer of mindfulness.
For links to more information on mindfulness and different ways you can apply mindfulness to something relevant and beneficial to your life go to
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